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AURA 2016 Featured Visual Artists

Alicia Post
My artwork is a reflection of my life experiences and encounters. The travels I make to various countries and the observations I make along my journey find their way into my paintings. I find inspiration in the cultural traditions of every location I find myself painting in. Through my paintings, I aim to capture the desires, philosophies and myths of various cultures in past, present and future societies.

Rob Munger
Rob is a self-taught artist that uses his ability to tap into the visions of raw emotion. Using unorthodox techniques and a command of color like no other, Rob has created a unique style of abstract realism that has begun to spread around the northern Midwest like wildfire. From St. Cloud, MN, Rob has been featured in multiple galleries and has gained a stout reputation as the region’s most exciting live painter due to the medium and speed at which he works.

Steven Teller
Steven Teller was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Steven is a multi-disciplined artist specializing in fine arts and communication design. He creates work primarily in a realistic fashion, shaped by his direct contact with people, society and life around him while allowing his interests in yoga and spirituality to intuitively abstract forms with strong references to nature. Steven spent his early years traveling, chasing waves through Florida and exploring the rest of the country to heighten his experience and awareness of the world.

Emily Kell
My work embraces mysticism, ancient cultures and feminism. It is intended to be meditative and thought provoking to the viewer. Every shape and pattern is created with meticulous thought and meaning behind it, and the work is as symbolic as it is aesthetic. I would like to reflect the interconnectivity of all living things, both scientifically and spiritually, through the prism of duality that is inherent to humanity. My paintings aim to illustrate the ideal of unity beyond any degree of separation and to expose us as One. Through paint and brush, I channel the balance of male and female, left and right, and above all, the persistence of love that makes all life possible.

Bonnie Goodson
Bonnie’s art celebrates the complexities in the world around us, embracing the grey areas amongst all of the black and white. Drawing inspiration from graffiti, naturally occurring pattern, shape and color, classical painting, dreamscapes and the female form, she feels her work is derived from her subconscious, visions even she is still unaware of until they take shape on canvas. She rarely has patience to sketch or plan her work and even with some strategy, it’s all a mystery unfolding at the tip of her paintbrush. By the time she feels she has listened to the canvas, and the image is complete, then she realizes the story she’s been asked to tell…

Annie Kayla Bee
I approach art inspired by cymatics and neurochemistry, alchemy and shamanism, the tao and surreal, symbolic, street and visionary artists before and with me. I create works of art as talismans to help bring our brain waves into resonance with meditative and loving frequencies. By combining emotionally relevant images and characters from philosophy, mythic incarnation and metaphor with mathematical truths, patterns and processes from nature, I create to inspire interstellar journeys and experiments in thought. I synchronize ideas in harmonic hues to unveil the connections between feeling, experience and information to aid in decoding emotional language. I create for my family as a conduit through which Mind at Large can flow to help us recognize and realize our potential and purpose, our individual dances to freedom. I work like a honeybee, fly like a bird and love like the burning sun.

Laura Sellers
Laura has recently graduated with her master’s degree from Western Carolina University and is now returning for her third AURA after a two-year absence. Laura will bring her outstanding use of space, color and beautiful interpretations of landscapes and realism as one of the live painting scene’s smartest and most motivated members.

Alyssa Prince
Alyssa Prince is a 25 year-old artist from Flint, MI. She graduated from Western Michigan University in December 2013 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. Though on paper her BFA degree holds it’s emphasis in the painting program, her time studying was also spent experimenting with many different mediums including ceramics, printmaking, digital media and alternative processes.

Christian Jaxtheimer
Before forming First Earth, Christian created artwork in the live music scene since 2006. What started with posters and t-shirts sold at concerts and festival campgrounds has grown into a brand that provides not just amazing apparel and fine arts, but a design business specializing in designing, merchandising and branding artwork for bands, festivals, large events, DJs, etc.

Brian Barnard
Brian Barnard is a North Florida native who has been creating art for as long as he can remember, however he did not start painting until he was in college at FSU, where he received a BFA with an emphasis in drawing and painting in 2004. For the last several years, he has been using concerts and festivals as inspiration for his live art. Blending diverse elements and themes into his colorful, abstract surreal creations allows me to connect with my audience on a basic subconscious level. Our collective consciousness, the mind’s eye and nature are frequent themes in his work.

Nick Tarr
Starting in the creative industry early, Nicholas K. Tarr has dedicated his life to creating opportunities to create. With a background in signage fabrication and design, Nicholas has led several large-scale projects to success over the past ten years. Throughout his career, Nicholas has worked with a number of creative agencies with focus on clothing design, set design, museum displays and many other creative projects.

Stacey Nicole Coon is a professional artist from South Florida. Being deeply inspired by nature’s elements, natural yogic movements of human form and a life of surfing and traveling, Stacey’s work has a raw aesthetic that merges these worlds in an innovative and refreshing way. Her work is a revitalizing blend of realism and surrealism, with abstract expressionistic motions; it reflects environmental themes along with aquatic characteristics while simultaneously depicting elements and principles such as movement, dance, motion, emotion, fluidity, liquidity, balance, harmony, vibrancy, texture, pattern and unity.

Andrew Wagner
My art is a vessel to this world between worlds. It is not a portrayal but rather a vehicle allowing one to experience the escape of this reality, harness their inner spirits and morph into one persona after another. The subject matter invokes certain characteristics, allowing the viewer to read the meta-data encoded within the electric designs and better understand the mysteries that lie beyond normal perception. The more than one travels through this arcane knowledge, the more the ego is dissolved. The lesser the ego the greater the connection to the zeitgeist of the collective consciousness. Once we can traverse the shadows of the ethereal realms we can recreate ourselves into new manifestations, and walk again in the light.

Efron Regubio (ER.)
Art is a medium for the bigger message. Everyday is the opportunity to learn; to progress. Research throughout the day. Ask questions. It’s not about soul-searching; it’s about searching with the soul. Seek for your truth. Don’t let the control be remote. The highest potential of being is the destination. The interdependence between humans is the road. The soul is the vehicle. Art is the fuel. The Universe is the map.

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